Q & A

What is FWD MAX Application.
- FWD MAX mobile application for extreme lifestyle. is an application that invites everyone to enjoy outdoor life activities. Collect points and redeem rewards and receive special benefits simply by registering with FWD MAX application.

What do you get when you join FWD MAX.
- If you are already a customer of FWD life insurance, you will get 500 points instantly, If you are a new member and not a customer of FWD life insurance, you get 200 complimentary points for joining.

How to register with FWD MAX. 
- Download application from App Store for iOS or Google Play Store for Android. Register and fill in your information and click register.

Can I register even though I am not FWD life insurance customer or bought insurance from FWD?
- Everyone can be a member of the FWD MAX.

What special privilege can existing FWD life insurance customers get from FWD MAX?
- If you are a customer of FWD life insurance and have registered with FWD MAX for the first time, the system will calculate the policy premium paid and convert to points, where 100 baht equals to 1 point. For example, if your policy premium is 50,000 baht, you will get 500 points. This is the special privilege for FWD life insurance customer.
* System will calculate the rate of life insurance policies effective in the year 2015 only.

When we choose an activity on FWD MAX, will the system calculate the duration of the activity? 
- The system does not calculate based on activity period, but will award points when shared to member’s facebook account.

How often can you use digital code? Can you reuse it? 
- The digital code will be shown on screen for 30 minutes only. Members need to show the code to redeem within a specified period. It cannot be reused.

How long does it take to receive discount coupons or voucher after redeeming the points? 
- Discount coupons or vouchers will be sent by registered mail within 3-5 business days.




1. Press "Reward" Menu
2. Choose reward category
3. Choose your preferred reward that you want
4. Check redemption condition and press “redeem” button to get a reward
- For digital code reward type. When you press redeem button, the system will show digital code to redeem at the shop, which will be valid for 30 minutes.
- For voucher coupon reward type. When you press redeem button, the system will ask you to confirm your delivery address. FWD MAX team will send the voucher coupon in 3-5 business days.

How to get points

Friends invitation on Facebook Your friend gets 25 points when installed You get 25 points in return